Accomplishments To Date Include:

  • Documentation of the West Indian community’s contribution to the Greater Hartford region
  • Historical preservation of the evolution of the West Indian community as the largest foreign-born population in Connecticut and the third largest Jamaican community in the United States
  • Traveling exhibitions which premiered at The University of Connecticut, Trinity College, Hartford Public Library, Manchester Community College, Windsor High School, Achievement First School, Metropolitan Learning Center (MLC), and City of Hartford (City Hall)
  • Use of the Caribbean Exhibition as a model to develop an expansive project on housing that could incorporate the voices of Hartford’s communities of color
  • Production of the exhibit, “From Civil Rights to Human Rights: African American, West Indian, and Puerto Rico Housing Struggles in Hartford County,” previously displayed at the Hartford Public Library, downtown Hartford, CT Display of exhibit “Caribbean Mosaics Hartford” is under development and will be premiered as part of the inception program
  • Obtained non-profit status as a 501(c) 3 tax exempt organization
  • Exhibition on loan at Windsor Historical Society

Under Development

  • Caribbean Mosaics Hartford is designed as an iterative exhibition with options to add new thematic panels as it travels to different venues in and around Connecticut.

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